About Us

We offer dance and singing performances classes for children and dance fitness classes for adults in Riverton, Utah.
Starz On Stage brings unique performing opportunities to boys and girls, ages 3-18 years of age. As Director, my main goal is to build each performer’s confidence and self-esteem by helping them develop not only their singing and dancing skills, but their abilities to perform in front of audiences of all types with confidence as well.
The various age groups work together to create a song and dance show for local venues and theatres in both December and May where they perform multiple times throughout the show, each in a different style/genre. Not only does this give the children several opportunities to perform, but it also teaches them to adapt to each stage and venue differently to give their audiences the best entertainment possible.
Rehearsals begin in late August and Holiday performances run the first half of December. In January, the performers begin rehearsing new material for their Spring performances, which are held in May. It is remarkable to see the way all of the performers pull together to make these shows work so seamlessly. The children learn to depend on each other and that others are counting on them to do their part. Starz On Stage is a full-season (August to May) performance commitment. The performers increase their abilities throughout the season and their skills and confidence really shine on the stage by the time they get to our Spring Performances.
One of my favorite things about directing Starz On Stage, is getting the opportunity to know each performer and their individual personalities. It is truly a blessing to be able to work with such talented and loving children and to watch their growth as they progress throughout the year.
Teri Slaugh, Director